Todd Jacobs

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

Nevada IOS. 0002873-RES

Todd Jacobs is the owner and inspector of From The Ground Up. With over 30 years of building experience, Todd’s intimate knowledge of home construction is an asset to his career as a home inspector. From the versatility that stems from working on countless styles of homes, to a consistent attention to detail that doesn’t miss an inch, From The Ground Up provides top-to-bottom home inspection services that clients can trust.

Before he inspected homes from the ground up, Todd constructed them from the ground up as a builder. Starting with the footprint of the property until it’s turnkey ready, he’s been a part of the entire process. Todd has also worked on numerous remodels of homes and businesses, eventually applying his adeptness as a carpenter to oversee quality control for various residential and commercial construction projects.

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Putting the Client First

A reliable home inspection is critical for a buyer’s peace of mind and the success of a major investment. That’s why From The Ground Up was started with the client in mind. Todd’s vision for his business is to provide honest and dependable inspections so that clients are able to negotiate a transaction confidently. If you are on-site at the time of the inspection you will be able to get a great deal more out of the inspection by seeing things first hand. This will help you with your decision and with your ability to maintain the home over the years. From The Ground Up is dedicated to meeting your needs so that you’re able to make the best decision when buying a home.

When he’s able to take some time for himself, Todd loves to spend it outdoors. Whether paddle boarding, fishing, or hiking, he’s happiest enjoying the natural beauty of Nevada. Ever the carpenter, Todd likes to tackle woodworking projects whenever possible.

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When deliberating whether or not to invest in a new home, you deserve to have a From The Ground Up Home Inspection that will make the decision easier.